Thursday, July 9, 2009


By Tami Newberry, Summer Intern at Kirwan Institute

How inspiring a sight. A complex mosaic of art. The rainbow split into individual colors masterfully arranged to create a scene. Each color “stained”, not the colorless glass of ordinary windows. And this is what catches our eye, the colors, and the way that the light shines through them. As these works are revered, they are placed high above us in grand buildings. Long beams of color cascade down, they too, being a sign full of awe. A curious hand may even reach up to the falling beams to let the colors weightlessly rest upon it. Children laugh and run with arms open wide through them.

The mosaic is complex in form and structure. It is beautiful because of the array of colors and how they are woven around and amongst each other. Each color is a vital part of the entire. It would no longer be beautiful if it were all a single color. And yet, we call them stained glass. They each are colored by different minerals to give them their own glow. Yet, does any one deny that any given color is less glass-like than another. Less pure, less worthy, less beautiful.

Stained-glass windows are truly beautiful when all of the pieces are radiating with light from above. Each one is a different unique composition in which we seek to see their individuality and uniqueness.

So, I have lofty ambitions. To be able to create an American perspective as grand as the mosaics of stained-glass. To create a composite which is greater than its individual parts. To appreciate each color for how it colors the world. To let each color radiate among the other colors.

Let’s evolve as a nation which has been color-blind only seeing shades of black and white and grey. Our diversity, like that of the colors in a stained-glass window, is an asset.

Let the light shine in.

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  1. beautifully written.....You go girl.... love gina

  2. hey mom,
    its kinda hard to understan ((mmmm actually alot )) i might have understood like a couple words or so...but nice workk .....

  3. ya and by the way awesome picc..=]]]]]] =P X-|

  4. To My Beautiful Daughter. . . Very Well Done !

    I should have posted a comment when I first read this. But, it was good to read your words again and take time to reflect. Some will always see the light and colors, while others will not take the time. Others will dream of the light and colors, while others will not take the time to dream. But. . . the greatest mistake is when we see the beauty of it all yet still make our judgements in cold 'black and white'.

    With Love, will talk to you soon.

    Love, Dad